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About Us:

Experience & Professionalism


When Eagle Mechanical, Inc. was founded in 1985,

our goal was to offer the highest quality

mechanical services possible, at a competitive price.  We recognize that we are not the first

one to have this goal.  To set Eagle

Mechanical apart from the competition, we

perform work at a level of professionalism,

not often seen in the Industry.  To this end,

all of us, as employees of Eagle

Mechanical, share this goal and work as

a team.  Through continued hard work

and our collective goal of excellence,

we have improved at our jobs.










Our Affiliations

Mechanical Contractors Association

New Jersey Building Labors Local 415, 222, 595

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 322

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 9

Pipefitters and Steamfitters Local 420

Plumbers Local 690

Operators Local 825

Sheet Metal Workers Local 19

Sheet Metal Workers Local 27






Company Profile


As a leader in the industry, Eagle Mechanical strives for and develops new, more efficient techniques to implement with tried and true methods, already in practice.  Our philosophy is to always look back as

well as forward. Our growth and accomplishments

are due primarily to the high level of competence

and professionalism which all of our employees

bring to their work.  Eagle Mechanical strongly

believes that it's success is due to the team

work between Management and Labor. 

Through this teamwork, our goals are


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